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NIC is providing Video Conferencing services since 1995. Presently services are available from 1800+ (NICNET + NON NICNET) existing studios over NICNET spread across the country including state capitals, districts & union territories. This is one of the largest video conferencing networks in the country.

VC Coordinators

NIC provides its services all across the country which also includes states. Each state has VC Coordinators who conducts the videoconferencing by managing the connecting sites, network connectivity in the MCU during VC session. The list of different states VC Coordinators is detailed on the further next page.

VC Studios

NIC has various studios for videoconferencing including NIC studio and Departmental studios in different states and each state has multiple studios available for videoconferencing. The further page shows the information about the VC studios of various states with studios as well as VC Coordinators name.

Recent Videoconferencing Sessions

25th November,2019

Union Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs launched the CLSS Awas Portal through Video Conferencing on 25th November, 2019.

15th November,2019

Chief Justice of India addressed 650 High Court Judges and 15000 District and Taluka Judges across the Country through Video Conferencing on 15th November, 2019.

14th November,2019

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Tripura inaugurating State Pavilion-Tripura at IITF, New Delhi through NIC Video conferencing

5th November,2019

Honorable Prime Minister of India inaugurated the 5th edition of India International Science Festival at Kolkata through Video Conferencing on 5th November, 2019.

Statistics of Videoconferencing Division

Year Wise VC Sessions
Year Wise Studio Usage(Hrs)
VIP VC Sessions
Year Wise Studio Used (Nos.)
Top 10 Ministries
Top 10 State Average Studio(Hrs)
Top 10 Group
Total Studio -2080


General procedure to avail Videoconferencing Services User Manual for Videoconferencing Booking
Guidelines for Users of Videoconferencing Guidelines for Participants of Videoconferencing