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About Us

NIC provides state-of-art Videoconferencing services since 1995 to various Departments of Central Government & State Governments including apex offices. NIC’s Videoconferencing services are secure, scalable and reliable having the largest coverage in the government sector across the country.

NIC offers Studio based Videoconferencing facility to the users from 2400+ studios over NICNET which are located in State Capitals, Union Territories, Union Ministries, Departments and Districts of states. NIC also provides Desktop based Videoconferencing facility, which enables users to access VC services from Anywhere, Anytime with Any Device equipped with internet.

NIC's Videoconferencing services plays a vital role for faster implementation and monitoring of various Government existing Projects/Schemes, Public Grievances, Hearings of RTI cases, Tele-education, Tele-medicine, Launching of new projects/schemes, etc.

NIC's VC services are being extensively used by honorable President of India, honorable Prime Minister of India, Union Ministers, Governors, Chief Ministers of states, Cabinet Secretary, Chief Secretaries, Chief Information Commissioner and various levels officials across country.

Key features of NIC's Videoconferencing services:

  • NIC provides high quality immersive VC services with full HD resolutions and multiple layout options.
  • It is an 'on-premise' solution which is secure and has additional provisions to protect conference with password and locking features.
  • It is a unified solution that seamlessly integrates Videoconferencing services running on various platforms such as Standard end points (H.263/SIP), desktops/laptops, and mobile devices.
  • It has capabilities to integrate services running on various networks and international locations.
  • It is designed to provide reliable, scalable and consistence performance, which dynamically adapt to network health condition.
  • It has a provision to record and download conferences.
  • Our Team

    The strength of any organization lies on the people behind it. Videoconferencing team comprise of following members:

      V.T.V. Ramana (HOG)

    Scientist- G

      Dayanand Saha (HOD)

    Scientist- G

      KP Sharan

    Scientist- F

      Brijesh Khandelwal

    Scientist- F

      Anil Kaistha

    Scientist- E

      Ashok Kumar

    Scientist- E

       V. Rajkumar

    Scientist- D

      Vikas Dixit

    Scientist- B

      Munish Kumar

    Scientist- B

      Abhishek Kumar Gautam

    Scientific Technical Assistant- B

       Deepesh Gautam

    Scientific Technical Assistant- A


    Scientific Technical Assistant- A

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