videoconferencing division


NICMEET is a cloud based "In-house VC solution" that helps Government officials to interact with each other across the country on a secure connection network with inbuilt one to one, one to many video calling functions. Further enhancement of this platform is in process and used for internal NIC meetings for time being.

Key Features of NICMEET

  • Registered users have their Private Rooms in which day to day meetings can be done.
  • Registered users can book a VC which can include Users and Guests.
  • System have a chat option during conference, even in the multi person conference.
  • System has the provision for reporting the incidents /issues /feedbacks /suggestions.
  • System has an audio/ video recording feature.
  • System will have screen/file sharing capabilities.
  • All the end-to-end communications in the system will be encrypted.
  • Guests who are not registered on NICMEET can simply join by clicking the invitation URL which is protected by a 6-digit PIN.
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